About us

Since 2006, SouthEnd has been positioned as the leading consultancy services firm in Latin America, in the implementation and support of SAP Ariba’s solutions. With a focus on service excellence, and extensive knowledge in procurement and supply chain processes, more than fifty successful projects have been executed in America and Europe.

The biggest asset relies on a highly trained professional team, built thanks to its training and talent management methodology, and strong customer orientation and quality.

With offices in the USA, Argentina and Brazil, SouthEnd provides a wide range of services for its clients, 100% focused towards the digitalization of purchasing and supply chain processes, and user adoption.

SouthEnd has a strategic alliance with SAP and has been awarded several times as “Partner of the Year” in Latin America.

SouthEnd has the only SAP Ariba Application Support Center in the region, located in its Argentina offices. The support center has an ISO-9001 certification and covers corrective, preventive and perfective maintenance, as well as platform administration services.

Our Mission is to improve people’s life by helping them buy better through technology application and improvement in processes.
Improve the lives of at least 3,000,000 people, with the deployment of spending management solutions by 2025.
Humility, Transparency, Professionalism, Ethics, Customer Orientation and Quality.


SouthEnd was incorporated and built upon the strong strategic relationship with Telefónica Group and Santander Group. Those initial clients allowed SouthEnd to become benchmarks for the deployment of procurement solutions in the digitalization era early stages. Once the first projects were finished and, in order to evolve the designed solutions, the ARIBA Application Support Services unit was born and SouthEnd began to play a leading role in supporting change management and increasing user adoption in its clients.

SouthEnd focused its efforts on creating methodologies, talent training programs, and management tools that allowed a huge jump on its service delivery capabilities.

Simultaneously, evolved its alliance with SAP Consulting, working side by side with them in deployment projects throughout the Americas.

SouthEnd opens its Sao Paulo’s office to facilitate the development of local resources that can meet the local market demands.

Also created its Center of Excellence with experts in SAP Ariba Cloud Solutions

With growth rates above 100% year-over-year, SouthEnd move its headquarter to the US and opens its subsidiary in Miami (USA), creating SOUTHEND GROUP, Corp. and SOUTHEND USA, LLC.

Our team

With more than fifty consultants, we have the largest group of specialized consulting services in SAP Ariba in Latin America. Our strength is based on the solid experience of our professionals and is backed by our internal training and talent management methodology.

Executive Board

Alfredo Poncio
Chairman & CEO
Andres Reiman
Board member & CCO
Damian Rosales
Board member & COO